The world is becoming more and more digitalised with each passing day. It seems like gadgets such as computers, laptops and mobiles have taken over the world. Also, where there are technical gadgets, the battery automatically follows. So, today, let’s talk about everything that there is to know about battery technology.

Battery And Cell Concept

The basic terminologies you will learn include electrochemical and cells when you study battery technology. Besides, the battery is composed of various combinations of electrochemical cells. These cells are responsible for storing energy in chemical form. Afterwards, when the device is connected to a battery, this chemical energy is converted into electrical energy.

Battery or cells have two electrodes that have electrolytes installed in between them.

The most basic thing to remember is that positively charged electrodes are called anodes, and negatively charged ones are called cathodes.

Types Of Battery

In terms of types, there are various types of batteries or cells. However, the main ones are divided into two categories, primary and secondary. These types of batteries are used in different kinds of machines depending upon their application.

Primary Batteries

Primary batteries can’t be recharged. They contain chemicals that are responsible for converting chemical energy into electrical one. Thus, when the chemical runs out in the battery, the battery is of no use as it can no longer convert the chemical energy into electrical energy. This means that you can’t charge such batteries.

Secondary Batteries

The batteries that you can recharge are known as secondary batteries. The secondary batteries work on the basis of changing the chemical energy to electrical energy without exhausting it. As a result, you can recharge these batteries when needed.

Battery Management System

Initially, the batteries were not rechargeable and were not effectively used in the battery management system. However, now the rechargeable cells that have lithium-ion are compatible with battery management systems.

A battery management system basically means the managing of the charge that’s needed within a battery. It monitors the available charge and battery or cell’s capacity, temperature, etc.

The battery management system is responsible for not getting the batteries totally exhausted as it constantly monitors the available charge. Once the usage reaches its limit, it immediately cuts off the supply in order to not drain the battery of charge entirely.

In simple words, it ensures that the battery is not overcharged, existed or excessively supplying the energy. So, to find a balance between such factors, a battery management system is essential.

Bottom Line

Primary batteries are good for appliances that require use and throw phenomena. Whereas secondary batteries are ideal for gadgets that need constant recharges like laptops or mobiles. If you are looking to buy some good batteries, then you should check out EnerSys Australia, as they offer reliable services and products.