What is traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing is the conventional and old method of marketing. It used to be the hype back in the days when social media was not invented. Traditional marketing channels are often considered outdated these days due to the rise of social media. However, it is still a common practice among business owners who want to reach a local audience. Traditional marketing is done in numerous ways. Some common channels include broadcasting on the TV or radio, ad printing on magazines and newspapers, telemarketing through text messages and phone calls, billboards and posters, and direct mailing of catalogs and brochures.

Although it is widely assumed that traditional marketing has lost its charm, but suspecting the effectiveness of traditional marketing is a huge mistake that many business owners make. Traditional marketing still holds immense importance in the day to day life of consumers. If you have a budget huge enough to spend on campaigns, TV and magazines, you could be spending for a good return. One of the most useful techniques of traditional marketing is the direct mail marketing. This is a useful and effectual way of reaching your local consumers. It helps you deliver your message to the right people with less money spent. It is a very focused and targeted type of marketing that has proven to be successful for many business owners. If you still hold any doubts, look for the advantages of direct mail marketing that business owners have gained in your area. You will be surprised at the return that it has to offer.

What is digital marketing?

No matter how impactful traditional marketing can be, we cannot forget the fact that we are living in the age of the internet where everyone is contemplating on how they can market their business online and stay ahead of their competitors. Almost 57% of the world population uses the internet and gets influenced by it. Studies have shown that almost 6 hours are spent online everyday by most people which is a mind boggling amount of time. Marketers and advertisers sensed this as an opportunity to introduce clever digital marketing in the world.

In simple words, any type of marketing or advertising done through the internet is termed as digital marketing. Social media is the most popular channel of digital marketing. Business owners put their ads on facebook, instagram, pinterest, and other social media websites. Other channels include content marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, inbound marketing, and pay per click marketing.

Digital marketing is considered useful and impactful because it gives you numerous options for engagement with the consumers along with prospects of enjoying exponential business growth. You get to physically see and evaluate the thinking of your audience. It also has tools to let you do some clever targeting for maximum profit. Through digital marketing, you can easily measure the success of your campaigns.

However, digital marketing has its cons as well. The advertisements published through the techniques of digital marketing are not permanent. Consumers often get annoyed by seeing repetitive ads. The techniques of digital marketing are also constantly evolving.