In this digital era, the ancient ways of sending important documents have been replaced by the new ones because of the requirement for immediate response/feedback. From fax machines to emails and now to more modern means of WhatsApp or Cloud Sharing, data sharing and communication at workplace has evolved greatly. Particularly in times of the Covid-19 pandemic, workplace evolved so much that employees don’t even have to be physically present at work to attend meetings or deliver projects.

However, that aside, the fax machineis a symbol of outdated technology, long displaced by computer networks but the trend of faxing is still alive. Even in the 21st– century businesses often use faxes, as it is cost-effective and has a lot of positive factors.

Sending a highly confidential document is better sent through fax. The transmission of the particular message involves only a physical document and a phone network, the recipient receives it directly with a lesser risk of interruption.

Reasons People Still Prioritize Fax In Modern Age:

Here’s a list of scenarios of why today’s generation still utilize the fax machine:

Safe Medium: Unlike emails, faxes are secure and cannot be easily get hacked, the reason is that faxes can’t adopt the viruses attachments, they cannot bring any kind of virus into your system even if it works a bit slower than the other alternatives. They are not remotely connected to the internet and there is no cloud storage or network involved that would allow a third party interference. For extremely confidential documents and state secrets, fax machines are still the only mode of communication.

Effortless Installation: The process of the installation of a fax machine is simple and straightforward, only a devoted phone line is required to install a fax machine. A lot of time, business owners don’t want to go through the hassle of detailed networks or complicated installation process just for the sake of sharing data, fax machine does the job conveniently.

Faster Service:  The documents transmitted through the fax machine are delivered immediately around the globe, (1 minute approximately) whereas a physical document needs to be transmitted or signature is required, faxing relatively faster than the other mediums. They might be old technology, but fax machines do contribute towards fast business growth.

Relatively Cheaper: Fax machines are relatively cheaper and more efficient than any other medium, if you’re planning to get a printer or scanner for business purpose, switch your thought towards the fax machine for comparatively minimal upraise.

Convenient And Easy To Use: Fax machines are easy to operate and you won’t be spending too much of your time figuring out how it works. In case of sending a physical document, all you have to do is to insert it into the machine and enter a number.

There are a lot ofreasons whypeoplechoose fax over any other medium, and why do they consume it even if it is an old school thought. Given the importance of Fax even in modern times, a lot of tech-service providers have ventured into providing Virtual Faxes which act as a broker between the sender and the recipient.