Towing mirrors are something which is installed in all kinds of vehicles. They are essential to get a clear idea about the proximity of your vehicle and the vehicles behind you. So, just like some standard fuel requirements are necessary for some countries, having towing mirrors in your caravan is equally important.

However, if you are wondering whether you need towing mirrors for your caravan or not, then the answer is plain and simple: Yes. If you are still confused about the necessity of this tool, then let’s review some of the legal and other requirements that state why you need towing mirrors.

About Towing Mirrors

Towing mirrors are tools that are used on both sides of the front of any vehicle. They are mirrors with adequate framing, which is compatible with the sides of your vehicle’s front. These mirrors help in seeing the vehicles that are behind you. While at the same time, you can keep your eyes on the vehicles that you have towed.

They help in eliminating blind spots that you encounter while driving. Thus, they are widely used by vehicle drivers as a safety measure. For safety purposes, Just like there are laws about the kind of batteries you use, many countries have made having towing mirrors lawfully mandatory.

Towing Mirrors For Caravan- Legal Requirements

Installing towing mirrors in your caravan is mandatory as it helps you see the whole length of your caravan’s behind along with an additional 20  meters distance. Having this much visibility is crucial when you drive big vehicles like buses, trucks or caravans.

So, it is legally important for you to install towing mirrors in your caravan unless your vehicle already came with fitter mirrors. The legislative instrument mentions this legal requirement as Vehicle Standard (Australian Design Rule 14/02-Rear Vision Mirrors) 2006.

Technicality Of The Law

During the inspection of towing vehicles or caravans, the first thing that police check is whether or not your vehicle has towing mirrors installed in it. If there are no towing mirrors installed, then the police measure the distance of both the regular mirrors installed in your vehicle.

Afterwards, they measure the width of the vehicle from its widest point. If the distance measured earlier between the two mirrors is more than your caravan’s width, then you do not have to worry about anything as you are in compliance with the law.

However, if not, then it’s a problem for you. You can try measuring it at your home too, just to be sure. All you need is a measuring tape.

Final Verdict

As already mentioned that towing mirrors are useful in eliminating blind spots while driving. It is so because when you do not have these mirrors, you can’t see the length of your caravan and what’s behind it.

As a result, it gives birth to a blind spot which is quite dangerous while driving a vehicle. So, if you are looking for extendable towing mirrors for 4wd vehicles, then you should check this link out.