Due to the pandemic, most students have been forced to take classes online and have been mandated to take their classes and meetings virtually instead of going in for face to face classes. This even though can be a way to save time and energy wasted in commute and gearing up for the day, it can be very detrimental for many students, whether it is for university, college, school, or even graduate programs or up-skilling individuals. All of our lives we have been accustomed to a certain way of learning, where you physically go to school or college every day for 5 days a week. However, when all of a sudden your house becomes your college or school, the line of distinction between the two seems to disappear making it hard for the individual to cope up.

Now in these new situations, we need to relearn our way of survival and through the help of the internet, we can begin to get back to the life we lived before the pandemic just in a new and different way. For those of you who have been facing troubles in terms of studying online, below are some tips which will help you ace your online learning courses and help you make lemonade when life is giving you lemons.

  • Treat it like a regular course

When we consider online learning, it is very different from our conventional learning. However, when you start to make that mindset and think it’s too difficult and not something you can do ultimately, you begin to prove that by using the self-fulfilling hypothesis. This is why we believe that you should focus on your online classes just like they are a regular course you are talking face to face. Treat it the same way and hopefully, you will see a difference in your productivity and efficacy.

  • Accountability matters

When you take a class face to face, you need to answer a person for not either doing your homework or for not participating in front of the teaching itself. This can be much more difficult for humans than answering from behind the screen. Here the principle of accountability comes in. When you are physically presentm you feel the burden of accountability unlike when you are present online. This is why we believe you need to hold yourself accountable for all that you miss, that can be through giving yourself time outs and punishments for missing class or missing a task. This will then help increase productivity and performance in class.

  • Time management

The way you manage time in an online class is different from face to face classes. Before you would need time to commute, get dressed, and more. Now you get up and you’re part of the class. We think you should wake up earlier and give yourself some time to focus before you get into a class. Hence, make a timetable and then stick to it to ensure that you get maximum productivity and performance from your day ahead of you. You can print that schedule out and keep it by your bedside table.  Click here to look for compatible HP ink cartridges.