In a world where everything is electrically operated and dependent, you need someone who knows the ABCs of it, how it works and how it operates. Since electricity can be a dangerous thing if not handled properly, you need an electrician who can handle repair and install things for you, whether it’s your television or nuclear reactor.

There are different types of electricians: home electricians, commercial electricians or municipal environments. You need an electrician to maintain productivity socially and in the work environment. Ahead is everything you need to know about the top three industries that employ electricians.

Building Equipment Contractors

Since there is a huge boom in construction worldwide with the best of architecture and design, making the building alive and well-protected comes down to electricians who provide the building with all the facilities you see in your everyday life. Things like power backup, short circuits and protection from lightning are all overseen by the electricians—cement, bricks and iron rods.

Electric wiring, electric appliance installation and repair keep the building lively and alive. Electricians install safety measures to protect both buildings and the people living inside. These people are also paid a good amount since they are in charge of the whole operation.  

Coal Mining Industry

Coal mining is one of the most significant mining operations in the world, as coal is still one of the largest producers of electricity in the world. Since coal mining is done in very rural areas and therefore requires the installation of various things like lights, switches, motors, transformers, switch boards, and light fixtures, whether flameproof or not, within the mines.

Since coal mining can be hazardous given the terrain they are working on, they need to look constantly after things to ensure maximum safety for people working there. Blueprints are also viewed and inspected by them to ensure proper and sufficient material is available to install the requirements so that people working there don’t get delayed on their work schedule due to lack of material while ensuring their safety. They get paid from about $24.23 to $44.24 per hour.

Ship And Boat Building Industry

Everything in today’s world is electricity operated, whether it’s a cruise or a satellite. You need electricians to look after the electrical components since they are a major part of the world, either in small or large installations. The ship and boat building industry falls into this zone which requires many technicians as both majorly require navigation,  motors, pumps and radios, which are electrically operated.

Therefore regular inspection and repairs are needed onboard. If you find yourself on a cruise ship, don’t be surprised if that has an electrician on board since the sea can be very unpredictable and can require an electrician in case ships receive any damage.


As electricity is a part of everything in today’s life, if not the component itself, then in that manufacturing of it. And so are the electricians. If you ever choose to become an electrician, you won’t find yourself jobless.

But you might have to choose between industrial electrician vs commercial. Starting from beginner-level experience, there is a lot of demand for high-end jobs that pay better than most companies in the world.