A Construction Business involves the use of quite a number of equipment that runs on fuel, like cranes, bulldozers, earthmovers, excavators, etc. This creates a necessity for fuel storage tanks to be kept on site and the average above ground fuel tanks can be very inconvenient at times. But Portable Fuel Tanks are a marvellous discovery and this article will tell you why you should buy them for your business.

Great Mobility

Portable Fuel Tanks, as the name suggests, are mobile tanks which store fuel. They are easily transportable and can be taken anywhere there is a fuel requirement. They can also be taken off-site when not needed. This way, they don’t take up unnecessary space. A construction site can be a busy place, filled with construction material, different equipment and the people who handle all of them.

If a stationary storage tank is used, it will not only take much space that can be devoted to something else but it will also require the construction equipment to move to the tank and that can cause much disruption at the site. Portable tanks are a great solution to this problem.

Convenient for Refueling

Since the tanks can be moved wherever required, refuelling the construction equipment becomes way easier. It is inconvenient to move heavy construction equipment to the tank every time they need to be refuelled but if the tank is mobile, that problem is easily solved. This allows the equipment to go immediately back to work once they have been refuelled.

Safe for the Environment

There are certain compliances when it comes to keeping fuel on a construction site. The main compliance is not contaminating the ground with the fuel as it is not good for the environment. The standard above ground storage tanks come with the hassle of secondary containment pans requirements. There are specific requirements for such tanks from which the portable fuel storage tanks are exempted.

Since these tanks are portable and don’t have to be kept at one place, there is less chance for them to spill the fuel and contaminate the ground so large containment pans are not required for them. They are considered relatively safe for the soil and in turn, for the environment.

Increase Efficiency

Work gets done efficiently when the fuel storage tank is portable. As mentioned previously, moving the fuel wherever it is required is faster than moving the construction equipment to a stationary fuel storage tank. This reduces wastage of time and increases the productivity of the workers.


So, here are a few reasons why you should buy Portable Fuel Storage Tanks for your construction business. A construction business revolves around construction sites, material and equipment. It is necessary to keep the equipment working and that requires frequent refuelling. Without on-site fuel tanks, refuelling is an incredibly difficult task but portable fuel tanks make it easier than ever before. You can check out the diesel tanks for sale at TTi Australia if you are looking for the right option.