Teeth whitening have become a thing of the day to all generation across the world. It helps you believe in yourself, attracts smiles and gives you more of youthful appearance. If you don’t believe in teeth whitening then know that you are wrong. Get to your dentist and inquire about laser teeth whitening treatment.

Laser teeth whitening treatment is getting popular day by day because they offer instant results and decrease the chances of sensitivity and they obviously make the teeth whitening in a very short period of time. The Dental Board of Australia has provided a guideline, which outlines the regulations from the ACCC and TGA. On 9 December 2011, the ACCC took action against unsafe teeth whitening peroxide levels. Since taking action, the Australian DIY teeth whitening systems were regulated. This paved the way for much safer teeth whitening products.

Sometimes the laser whitening system is known as power whitening. Staining in the teeth is something that regular brushing or the hygienist will not be able to remove as this tends to stain will be deeper in the enamel and therefore some whitening method needs to be considered. The Australian Dental Association recommends teeth whitening solution that is under the legal over the counter limit for it to be safe.

With the laser system, the pores of the enamel will open to get rid of the staining and this is undertaken in around one hours treatment. The laser is more of a heat lamp which will warm the whitening gel which opens the enamel to release the staining. r

Sometimes as the gel gets deep in the enamel then sensitivity can occur but generally speaking the chances of sensitivity are a lot less than a slower treatment like the bleaching trays or the sonic system.

In the world of teeth whitening, some of the brands, such as GOGO SMILE really doing a great job of making their brand stand out from the crowd and make their system appear to be the magic one that whitens better than the rest. Like any brand advertising, you have to make your own mind up whether they are better and sometimes worth paying extra money for the service.

Laser whitening is something you can have done regularly and to be honest you will probably need to consider this. The reason for this is that teeth are porous and therefore no whitening system will seal the teeth and therefore will likely to re-stain.

Other options can include using a home kit after having a laser treatment which will keep the teeth looking nice and white if used regularly.

Customers tend to like the laser method because the difference to the teeth looking whiter is instant and therefore no need for follow up treatment and with the system taking only one hour it can be a good solution for the time savvy individuals.

With teeth staining it becomes an uphill battle as we are fighting the staining we gain every day from things like tea, coffee, red wine and many more things that we enjoy putting into our teeth. Everyday brushing and good dental healthcare will help but over a period of time the porous values of our teeth take in or absorb the colourants and then make the teeth look yellow or brown.

In many places across the world, there is typically either dentists or teeth whitening consultants undertaking the treatment with differing prices depending on whether your preference is to visit your dentist or not. Many will fear to see their dentist unless they absolutely need to and to have whitening which requires a lot less skill than everyday dentistry people might opt for this route but either way good luck with your selection