Are you interested in building and construction profession? Want to know how to obtain a building licence in Australia? If you want to invest your capital to start a business and boost your career in the building industry, the requisite is a strong union of education and experience.

To work as a builder in Australia you need to have a licence or registration according to your state laws. To qualify for a licence or registration the prerequisite for the application is to have a combination of qualification, skills, knowledge and experience.

One way to get registered as a builder or to have a licence is to undertake a complete training approved by the licensing firm in your region. Some states also require you to participate in continuing training workshops in order for your licence or registration to remain valid. Get in touch with the licencing body in your region to get all the necessary information that you need for legal compliance.

HIA training options

HIA is a registered training institute that delivers training courses, workshops and qualifications recognised nationally. These courses can help you in the process of obtaining your licence or registration and keep you updated with the latest  changes and trends.

You can also get (Continuous Professional Development) CPD points if your state or territory requires you to do on-going training to maintain your licence or registration.

Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) for technical education

NRT is the type of training that fulfills the technical qualification requirement that you need for your application for a field licence or registration for example, builder’s licence. NRT offers a short course, a number of diverse courses or a full qualification. NRT has to be offered by a registered training institute like, HIA. 

Professional Development (PD) workshops for CDP points

Professional Development courses offer workshops which provide you with the latest and updated information to enhance your skills and knowledge. Moreover, PD is a way you can collect CPD points in case your state or region wants it as part of your on-going licence or registration continuance.

Do you reside in Australia and need a domestic Builder Registration?

HIA offers a comprehensive assistance curriculum called Builder Registration Workshops. These courses provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to qualify in the application process of acquiring your Domestic Builder Registration or licence.

However, the depth and intensity of these courses and workshops will vary based on what category of builder you would want to become. For example, the Certificate III in civil construction courses is the qualification that applies to professional occupations in road construction and maintenance. This is the reason why it is imperative to know the categories of builders and understand what needs to be done in order to receive your builder’s licence in Australia.